Measure how your audience engage with your Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Snaplytics is your one-stop-shop analytics provider for Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Instagram enabling to you focus on the content and activites that create the most impact.

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Manage your Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Instagram accounts with Snaplytics and gain insights into how to grow them faster with better ROI.

All social marketers want to engage and grow their community. With the power and insights from Snaplytics you have the numbers to support what activities work the best - for you and your industry.

Instead of doing tasks manually, we automate the whole process. All you need to do is to sign up and we start tracking.

For Snapchat and Instagram Stories there's no turning back the clock on metrics, but we can ensure you never lose an insight again and make the reporting process faster than ever with our export features.

Ever wondered what activities acquired the most users, or which of your users are most active viewing your stories? We can help you find out.

Measure your performance on Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Instagram posts

We grab the numbers for your stories automatically for you to easily compare the development over time and accross social networks.

No more setting your alarm to take a screenshot, we make sure you never miss an insight again.

Because we do it programmatically we can give you even more granularity to the metrics and help you make the right decisions in a fraction of the time.


Identify the most engaging content accross platforms and what resonates best with your followers

We create a library of all your past content and all the engagement it received.

It enables you to locate what performed the best and create more of similar content.

You can also choose to repost previously successful stories through our publishing features.


Compare your numbers to your category and focus on where you need to improve

Compare your engagement and growth numbers with the leading brands in your industry, to assess performance and identify areas for improvement.

We have created a group of 20 accounts within each category to ensure your accounts have consistent benchmarks to compare against.


The marketing platform for new social

Saves you time

Saves you time

Everything is automated and you will never lose a Snapchat or Instagram Stories metric again.

Actionable insights

Actionable insights

Intuitive insights making it easy to optimize the account performance.

Schedule content

Schedule content

Upload content from your computer and schedule stories ahead in time - we post them automatically for you.

Content management

Content management

Upload content from your computer and organize stories with tags and always stay on top of your campaign performance.

Compare for best ROI

Compare for best ROI

Compare performance across platforms to optimize for the highest ROI.

Easy monthly reporting

Easy monthly reporting

Create fact-based monthly reports to showcase the business value of your Snapchat and Instagram marketing efforts.

Our customers love us

Metrics that provide meaningful insights are increasingly important to our efforts. This, along with great customer service, makes Snaplytics a valuable partner.

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Stephanie Trow

Social Media Director / The 88, March 2016

Snaplytics is a powerful tool and a must when considering a presence on Snapchat. Being able to automatically document our work has saved us and our clients countless hours and resources.

Jonathan Liedman

Co-founder / Wicked Society, March 2016

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