Collect & Repost User Generated Content

With Snaplytics, you can automatically collect incoming snaps and DM’s from your followers and repost to your story with a single click of a button – or repurpose for vertical ads.


Capture incoming snaps and direct messages

Automatically capture incoming snaps on Snapchat and Direct Messages on Instagram from your followers.

Repost User Generated Content with a click

Have your audience co-create and develop the  brand narrative and make your product stand out in the crowd.

Run competitions and fuel your next product launch

Add User Generated Content to your stories with a single click of a button. 

make your brand stand out

Try a no-obligation 2-week free trial, or get in touch with out platform specialists for a live demonstration to see Snaplytics in action. Discover how to take your Snapchat and Instagram presence to the next level.

All The Features For Snapchat And Instagram Stories

Scheduled Publishing For Snaplytics

Scheduled Publishing

Create and schedule stories to be automatically posted

Plan and execute take overs on Snapchat without giving away your credentials

Easy Take Overs

Manage take-overs without giving away account credentials

Automatically auto forward content received to your story.

Auto Forward

Post stories from multiple sources without being logged out

Chat with your Snapchat followers from your desktop

Messaging (beta)

Reply and message your followers on Snapchat

Receive and repost content created by your followers

User Generated Content

Capture incoming snaps and repost them as your story

Monitor stories from hashtags and users

Story Monitoring

Monitor stories on Snapchat and Instagram by users and hashtags

Create custom reports with Snaplytics


Create custom reports and export data as a CSV file

Import the data to your own platform through our API

API Access

Connect to Snaplytics through our API with full feature access

automated detailed analytics from your stories

Automated Analytics

Detailed insights on story and account performance

Compare your story metrics to your industry

Industry Benchmarks

Compare your ratios with industry benchmarks

Set granular level of permission and create user roles to keep your account safe

Permission Management

Create teams with granular permissions and access

Enable your team to work more efficiently with stories

Team Collaboration

Enable creators, managers and analysts to collaborate seamlessly