Vertical Stories are our DNA

We have brought the most cutting edge solutions to the market since 2015, helping early movers create, measure and scale their efforts on Snapchat and Instagram.


We started out on unchartered territory, with an ambition to make it easier for marketers to use stories as a way of communicating. That is still the guiding principle in everything we do.

The journey in 2014 in the living room of our CEO, with the ambition to create an analytics platform for the new social media, Snapchat, and their vertical stories. Back then, Snapchat was mainly for teens sending snaps back and forth but with an ever growing social media landscape and a fierce competitive environment for existing social platforms, the team made the bet on the new kid on the block. And early 2016, the market exploded and we are in the epicenter of that explosion.

After a number of iterations, insane amounts of coffee and the feedback of a great community, Snaplytics as a platform saw the first light mid-2015. From “just” analytics, the platform soon evolved into a full-fledged automation platform with publishing, monitoring and analytics. Soon after, we introduced the same set of features for Instagram Stories, enabling our users to be platform agnostic in terms of where to post the stories.

And we are far from done. Stories are taking over the world platform by platform and changing the way brands and consumers communicate. We will continue to be in the epicenter of that development, launching new features and services.


We have been breathing stories since the early beginning, and seen the format evolve together with Snapchat and a number of older platforms adopting the new. Stories are no longer unique for Snapchat, but it does not mean all stories are created equal. Stories perform differently on different platforms – it is their DNA.

Since 2015, we had the data and insights to identify what works and what appears to be less efficient. With that amount of information, there is an obligation to share and educate, and that is exactly what we have been doing through quarterly reports, whitepapers and blog posts. If you wish to stay on top of the latest, do signup for our monthly newsletter.



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